If you are beginning to feel like your home is running out of space, it may be  time for you to consider an addition to your house. An addition to your home isn’t necessarily a simple renovation, it is adding actual structural components to expand the interior of your home. Because of this, a home addition project cannot be performed by just anyone, and you as the homeowner should make sure that you are hiring the best of the best for the job. Wallace Construction Co. is aware of the complexity of a home addition project and can guarantee only the highest-quality additions to your home delivered in a timely manner.

With years of experience working on a vast variety of construction projects, home additions are nothing new to us. At Wallace Construction Co., we have had the privilege to work on home addition projects that range from the simplest, smallest of additions to much larger, much more complex additions. Not only that, but our team of professionals has had experience expanding living spaces both horizontally and vertically to best suit the needs of previous clients. Having the extensive knowledge and experience required for home addition projects, the team at Wallace Construction Co. promises a safe and efficient process towards upgrading your home.

At Wallace Construction Co., we believe that the best home addition work is done when we prioritize customer satisfaction. We also believe that this is achieved through efficient and detailed communication. With that said, our team of professionals promises to make the process of expanding your home a smooth experience guided by constant communication between you and our team. This way, we know exactly what to do before we get started, and you are completely aware of each detailed step we take to expand your home. By effectively communicating, we are also able to ensure everybody’s safety throughout the project.

The process of expanding your home may be lightly more complicated than what you’re used to. The reason for this is because you first need to obtain permission from the city before altering your property. Before starting the home addition project, our team of professionals would need to go over your plan with you to ensure that everything is doable and to discuss any and all expenses. If any of your plan seems unreasonable, you can expect full transparency from our team to provide you with feedback on your idea. Once everything is agreed upon and we have permission to get started, we will begin expanding your living space so you can finally feel like you have room to breathe.

We believe that home additions should be accessible to everybody who needs a little more space. With that said, Wallace Construction Co. promises to deliver the highest quality services done with the best materials, all for an affordable price. By choosing us to expand your living space, you are choosing to bring yourself a peace of mind. Contact us today for a free quote and get your home addition project started today.

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