Bathroom Remodeling Westford, MA and Surrounding Areas

Your bathroom is one of the most important parts of your home. Bathroom designs have changed over time and we would love to assist you in upgrading your bathroom! As well as appeal, we offer services to your bathtub, toilet, and sink to improve its functionality. The most important thing in the bathroom remodeling process is learning what YOU want! Our bathroom remodeling services are affordable, well-done, and done in a timely manner.

The services we offer include: complete gut & remodel (includes choosing your desired design, bathroom, shower, toilet, and accessories), room expansion, functionality upgrade, and more!

bathroom remodeling Westford ma

Bathroom remodeling in Westford ma does not have to be challenging. We also serve many other areas surrounding Westford. Our complete gut & remodel services will help you bring your dream bathroom to life. Whether it is a remodel of the same design, or a complete makeover, Wallace Construction Co. can do it! A complete gut & remodel means that you can recreate whatever you want, without conforming to old fixtures. If you choose the complete gut & remodel, the process is quite simple. First, our experienced team will give you a consultation to view your bathroom, then we will measure the dimensions, and finally, we will come up with a way to achieve your dream bathroom.

If you have a growing family but want to stay in your home, our room expansion service is perfect for you. Room expansion consists of tearing down your existing wall and adding more space to accommodate to your spacing needs. This service is great for big families or just someone who needs more room!

While all these services include functionality upgrade, we do offer the service by itself. This service includes keeping the design of the bathroom and the appliances, but simply upgrading its functionality. Sometimes clogged sinks and bathtubs have permanent damage beyond a simple fix, so our functionality service would be a great choice for you.

If you choose to work with Wallace Construction Co., we will ensure whatever service we do for you will be greatly detailed, following your budget, and done in a timely manner. Our team has top-quality experience when it comes to renovating bathrooms, and more. We understand that bathrooms are what creates value in the home, and we want to accommodate to every one of your needs. We look forward to creating your dream bathroom remodeling project in Westford Ma.

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