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As a property owner, whether commercial or residential, you know that your home or business would simply not function without electricity. For this reason, it’s crucial for you, as well as all property owners, to have a solid electrical setup. Having faulty electricity in your home or business can cause problems with heating and cooling, lighting, or dysfunctional outlets, which can lead to unpleasant conditions. Luckily, Wallace Construction Co. offers electrical services performed by professionals so that your property. Not only that, but a proper electrical setup and proper electrical maintenance will keep your residential or commercial property looking as best as possible.

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Electrical power should be your priority as a property owner. The reason for this is because everything, from your phone charger up to your washing machine and garage door relies on electricity. With that said, you should report any faulty electricity right away for your own convenience. Our team at Wallace Construction Co. offers electrical services for residential and commercial properties so that your home or business can stay in the best condition possible. Our electrical services cover a vast variety of jobs, including installation and repair of anything requiring electrical power. A few of the many things we work with are:

  • Lighting controls
  • Generators
  • Heating and cooling
  • Install Lights
  • Recessed lights
  • Outlets
  • Switches
  • Dimmers
  • Breakers
  • Motion sensors
  • Heaters
  • Panels
  • Sub panels
  • Full home wiring

At Wallace Construction Co., we prioritize customer satisfaction above all else. This means that our team of professionals will always go an extra mile with our electrical services to make sure that your experience with us is like no other. Our goal is to not only do our job, but to do it in the best way possible. While providing astounding customer service, we will make sure that every electrical device in your home or business is properly installed and functioning, and that there are no issues with your lights. Our team promises to deliver the best electrical services while providing you with the best experience possible.

Whether you need an electrical device or system installed, repaired, replaced, or maintained, our team of experts is perfect for the job. We promise to serve you as soon as possible, arriving at your property quickly and ready to work. By having a knowledgeable team and all the equipment necessary to perform any task you throw at us, you can expect all electrical devices and systems in your property to be working flawlessly after the process.

Having properly functioning electricity and electrical systems in a home or business is absolutely crucial for safety, functionality, and visual appeal. Because of this, Wallace Construction Co. offers electrical services that are vast enough to meet all of your needs at a fair price. If you have any questions about our high-quality electrical services, or would simply like to receive an estimate, contact us today.

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