If you feel like your home can use an outdoor expansion for dining, backyard retreats or simply for aesthetic purposes, then you might want to consider adding a deck to your home. By adding a deck, you’re enabling your family and  guests to experience your home not only indoors, but outdoors as well. Decks are meant to extend the quality of your home to an outside space so that you feel just as cozy as you would inside, but outside. At Wallace Construction Co., we take every step necessary to ensure that your brand-new deck positively represents the rest of your house by providing the best craftsmanship you can find.

Having years of experience building countless decks out of a vast variety of different materials in order to accommodate endless unique styles, our team at Wallace Construction Co. is confident in our ability to provide your home with the outdoor upgrade it needs. Whether your deck is on ground level or you want an elevated deck connected to the second floor, our highly experienced team promises to deliver the highest quality work regardless of how simple or complex the task is. Not only that, but we promise to deliver your dream deck in a timely manner so that you can enjoy your home outdoor as soon as possible.

At Wallace Construction Co., we strongly believe in prioritizing customer satisfaction before all else. With that said, you can be sure that during the process of building your deck our team will do everything we can to ensure that you are happy with every step of the process. We believe that the key to customer satisfaction is effective communication. This means that from the beginning of the project to the end and beyond, our team will be constantly communicating with you so that you are aware of how the project is going. This way, you know what’s going on and we know how you’re feeling about the progress we’ve made up to a certain point. Effective communication ensures a safe process and increases the quality of your custom, high-quality deck.

The process of building your deck is fairly straight forward under the assumption that you have permission from the city. The process begins with a consultation in which our team discusses the shape of your deck and the materials you would like us to use, as well as budgeting and costs. We will then go about building your deck while paying close attention to every step of the process. Once the deck is complete, we will ensure your satisfaction and you will finally get to enjoy your outdoor home in style.

A deck is more than just an aesthetic addition to a household – it’s a way of adding outdoor space to socialize, eat, and make use of. With that said, Wallace Construction Co. offers affordable pricing so that everybody is able to expand their home to their backyard without being overwhelmed with expenses. Feel free to contact us for a quote today.

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